1997 California Mountain
Unicycle Weekend

September 20, Northstar At Tahoe, September 21, Auburn State Recreation Area
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    There were three guys who came together from the Bay area, but I couldn't remember who was who from their pictures. One of the reasons I was so slow getting captions on these pictures was that I like having all the names and spellings before doing so. But I figured I would find out eventually if I put it up like I did. One of the guys (#2, mostly) emailed me with the names to match the faces. They are:

    Zak Kulberg
    Guy #1: Zak Kulberg from Fairfax!

    Sam Hernandez
    Guy #2: Sam Hernandez from San Anselmo! Mistakenly labeled as #1 originally. Thanks for putting the record straight and helping me out with the names, Sam!

    Luke Kirley
    Guy #3: Luke Kirley from San Anselmo! See, they all look kind of the same with helmets on.


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