1997 California Mountain
Unicycle Weekend

September 20, Northstar At Tahoe, September 21, Auburn State Recreation Area
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    The Uphillers
    After lunch these three brave souls, Brett Bymaster, Jonathan Young and Roger Davies, rode to the top of Northstar. That's from about 6000 feet to about 8500 feet. At that altitude, even riding on level ground feels like riding uphill. That's why they have lifts, you guys.

    Bruce & Tim slalom
    Our first ever MUni dual slalom race. That's Bruce Clifton on the left, going up against Tim Bustos on the right. Though the course was made for mountain bikes, it worked great for us as well!

    Sierra slalom
    Sierra Young, 8, was the only female finisher in the slalom.

    Daniel & Bruce slalom
    Daniel Hopkins on his Rock Shox uni, racing against Bruce Bundy. Bruce won the adult men's division, even though he'd only been unicycling for about three months!

    Bruce logs
    Bruce Bundy again, playing on some of the Mountain bike park's playground equipment.

    Daniel logs
    Daniel Hopkins riding over the log ramp.

    Big sign
    At the top of the second lift, riders prepare to separate onto novice and advanced trails. The cycling trails aren't the ski runs, but criss-cross the mountain while the ski runs tend to go straight down. It's interesting seeing it all during the summertime.

    Snake trail
    The expert group heading down the Snake trail. No rattlers were spotted.

    Advanced Riders Only
    Flameout trail, "advanced riders only"! Matthew Udall, Bay area guy #1, Lloyd Tabb, Bruce Bundy, Dan Heaton (he was still hungry), Jim Hahn, Daniel Hopkins, Bay area guy #2, Bruce Clifton and Bay area guy #3. I hope those guys will email me with their names!

    Experts with a view
    Riding off down the trail with a panoramic view of Truckee and points east in the background.

    Experts group shot
    Showing off in front of the nice background (Lloyd Tabb behind the camera).

    Bruce into the trees
    Don't like the scenery? Then stay home. Bruce Clifton heading into the trees.

    Jim & Lloyd on sand
    Jim Hahn and Lloyd Tabb both falling off on a nasty sandy bit.

    It's driver cam! After hosing ourselves off at the Northstar bike shop, we headed into Reno to devour some buffet cuisine. Silver Legacy is the big building, and Circus Circus is on the left.

    NOTE: There are four pages of photos from '97, so don't miss the others:    Previous Page | Next Page

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