1997 California Mountain
Unicycle Weekend

September 20, Northstar At Tahoe, September 21, Auburn State Recreation Area
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    Confluence parking
    Riders gather at the American River Confluence in Auburn for day two. Convenient parking! All those people are standing in the trailhead of the Stagecoach trail. Our uphill trail is right there as well, riding up from under the bridge in the background. That van back there is from a whitewater rafting company.

    Dan uphill
    Dan Heaton competing in the Confluence uphill race. The object is to get the fastest time up the hill without falling, best of two tries. His father Bill was one of the timers.

    Brett uphill
    Wearing his Bloodman T-shirt, Brett Bymaster zooms up the course. Some of the less competitive riders watch from the bridge above.

    Jonathan uphill Jonathan on new Pashley
    Does it look steep? It's really hard to show steepness in photos. Jonathan Young was the lucky winner of the Pashley Muni that was graciously donated by Pashley. Here he's riding his new unicycle up the expert portion of the uphill course. Most riders only attempted to ride to the interim finish line, because the last section was very steep indeed.

    Jock uphill
    Jonathan's dad Jock used the pecking (hopping) technique to cover the last few feet of the steep expert section of the course. Yaay!

    Group shot
    The family photo for Sunday, in front of the 750' high Foresthill Bridge. These are not all the same people, as some could only make one day or the other. And I'm still stuck behind the camera...

    NOTE: There are four pages of photos from '97, so don't miss the others:    Previous Page | Next Page

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