1997 California Mountain
Unicycle Weekend

September 20, Northstar At Tahoe, September 21, Auburn State Recreation Area
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    Culvert riders
    The Culvert Trail is named after this culvert (pipe), which it goes through. From blazing bright sunlight to a 200' tunnel of darkness, riding in there is like MUni riding at night with no moon!

    Way to go ladies!
    Julie Young and Jenni White heading down the Confluence Trail, which is part of the Clementine Loop. Novice riders rode on a flatter, wider trail. That's Beirne Konarski way back there.

    Who was that guy again?
    Bay area guy #2 (or was it #3?) heading down a nasty, technical section.

    Jock bailing
    Jock Young doing the coasting starfish, or otherwise how not to ride down steep hills.

    Julie on the rocks
    Julie Young going through a dried up water bar.

    Confluence Trail
    It's Bay area guy #1 again, heading down the Confluence Trail. You can see the river far below. (actually he's #2, I found out later...)

    Pizza crowd
    A gourmet pizza lunch at Original Pete's in Auburn, and the awarding of dubious prizes. Awards were given for things like youngest rider, best crash, developing the software many of us used to read the MUni Weekend web site, and not being able to mount without a ski pole.

    Dan in the Manzanita tunnel
    Dan Heaton, coming through the Manzanita tunnel. Manzanita trees line the Manzanita Trail, which may have something to do with the trail's name.

    Roger down "The Wall"
    Carbon fiber unicycle maker Roger Davies (all the way from England)...

    Brett down "The Wall"
    and Brett Bymaster were the only riders to attempt this steep section. Does it look steep? Look at my unicycle there, lying behind Roger in the picture above. It looks like it's about to slip!

    NOTE: There are four pages of photos from '97, so don't miss the others:    Previous Page

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