2000 California/Nevada Mountain
Unicycle Weekend

September 22-24,  Lake Tahoe
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    There are still some left! We have about 10 each of Large and Extra Large, and one Small. Cartoonist John Hooten made the illustration, using a bottle of Sobe energy drink for inspiration. The slogan was thought up by my own Jacquie. Below you can see our design, scanned right off the shirt for utmost accuracy. Yes, you could own the shirt that was scanned, wrinkles and all!

    Order yours today! If you couldn't make it to MUni Weekend, at least you can have the T-shirt, at $25 for U.S. residents. A little more for people outside the country, the exact amount depending on where you live. U.S. funds only, or maybe we can do a swap. Order by sending me an email (specifying quantity and size), and a check. First come first served, based on the date your check arrives (but with some consideration to the overseas fans).

    MUni 2000 T-shirt front

    MUni 2000 T-shirt back
    Back: (sorry it's cut off, this is all I could fit in the scanner!)

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