1996 California Mountain
Unicycle Weekend

October 5, Auburn State Recreation Area -- October 6, Salmon Falls Trail
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    World Champions Dana Schneider and Andy Cotter holding things together

    That's right. Once upon a time I discovered some beautiful and fun trails in Auburn, CA. Auburn is in the Sierra Nevada foothills, about midway between San Francisco and Reno. With a range of trail varieties and easy parking, it seemed an obvious choice for a get-together, just for dirt-ridin' unicyclists.

    About 35 riders showed up, from all over California plus Oregon, Washington, Alaska, Minnesota, Tennessee, New York and even England. The weekend consisted mostly of group rides, divided by ability level. There were also two competitive events, an uphill race and an uphill endurance contest (who could go furthest in one minute), and MUni workshops. MUni Weekend has been growing ever since, and in 1999 spawned the first British MUni Weekend!

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