2002 California
Mountain Unicycle Weekend

September 20-22,  Santa Cruz, CA
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  • Our seventh year, and a glorious return to Santa Cruz, site of the best-attended MUni Weekend ever!

    Lunch at the Seabright Brewery
    Lunch at the Seabright Brewery at MUni Weekend '99

    The 2002 California Mountain Unicycle Weekend, hosted by Bruce Bundy and Nathan Hoover.

    Contact Bruce: or (831) 423-6736
    Contact Nathan: or (408) 395-7488

    Register Now! Please register in advance. It will save you, and us, lots of time on ride day. Plus it will help us prepare the T-shirts, lunch, and other details.


    1. Click on the link to the Registration Form.
    2. Please note that you can fill out this form online, before you print it!
    3. Print the form.
    4. Don't forget to sign your life away after printing.
    5. Mail to the address at the bottom.

    Driving Directions
    Detailed directions, to go with the schedule information below.

    This is tentative, and subject to change: 

    10:00 - 6:00: Long ride in Soquel Demonstration Forest: the Braille Trail—difficult and strenuous
    (click here for a very large map)
    David Poznanter at De Laveaga

    AM: Cross Country race (2.5 miles) or Fun Ride, De Laveaga Park
    Lunch: Pizza will be delivered at the park as in 1999
    PM: 4 mile round trip fun ride at the Forest of Nisene Marks in Aptos
    Afterward: Dinner on your own in groups—party at Bruce's (beer, hot tub, videos, etc.)

    AM: U-system Trials competition at Frederick Street park, set up by Kris Holm
    Lunch: Ride to the jetty for more trials, then ride to Seabright
    Brewery as in 1999
    PM: Mailboxes at Wilder Ranch, as in 1999

    Looks like we will have a professional video made too—you'll be able to pre-buy it for a discount when you register. You can also order videos without coming to MUni Weekend.

    John Hooten and John Foss came up with a design. It will use the logo image from the 2000 MUni Weekend (the Sobe Lizard Fuel-inspired MUni guy). Shirts will be Nathan yellow, with the designs in dirt brown and forest green. The slogan message for this year is: "2002 one wheeled Cruz." Shirts will be available in S, M, L, XL, and sweatshirts, size L only. First come, first served. You can order shirts or videos without coming to MUni weekend!

    Grab a Hotel Room
    Bruce recommends the Inn Cal. They are giving everyone in our group a 10% discount (they are already the cheapest place in town and just a couple blocks from his house, so it should be a pretty decent deal). Just make sure to mention "California Mountain Unicycle Weekend" when making your reservation. Let me know what rate they quote you, so I can publicize it to the rest of the people staying there. Thanks!

    Inn Cal
    370 Ocean Street, Santa Cruz
    Phone: 831-458-9220, 1-800-550-0055

    An alternative is one of the two Super 8 Motels in town. Jacquie and I have stayed there before. It doesn't really matter which Super 8, as they are across the street from each other (down near the beach and boardwalk area):

    Super 8 Motel
    338 Riverside Avenue
    Santa Cruz, CA, 95060
    Super 8 Motel
    321 Riverside Ave.
    Santa Cruz, CA, 95060

    When you register, you will be asked to sign a release of liability that states in detail that you and you alone are responsible for what happens to you while participating in this very informal event. As with any sporting activity, there is the potential for injury. Not as much as with mountain biking, but there is always an element of danger. We want you to know before you come, that the hosts will not be responsible for your actions.

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