2003 California Mountain
Unicycle Weekend

October 17–19,  Fairfield, Auburn, Granite Bay, Downieville
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    The Downieville Downhill. Ride starts and ends from Downieville.

    Start time:
    We have about 30 seats reserved on the 10:00 shuttles. Don't miss the bus! Try to arrive by 9:30. It's a long drive from anywhere, which means leaving seriously early. Estimated 2.5 hour drive.

    Getting there:
    Directions and maps are on the Maps page.

    Shuttle service:
    It costs $12 each to ride one of the shuttle busses to the top of the trail, at Packer Saddle in the Sierra Buttes. This is an additional 25 miles, so it's well worth it. I've reserved us all the seats that were available; about 30. If there are more of us, I or someone else will also drive up and drop people off.

    The Ride:
    Nathan Hoover's pictures from last year
    Maps will be provided by the shuttle companies. There are multiple routes you can take, but we will follow the one commonly known as the Downieville Downhill, containing the best singletrack.

    Note: This ride is 15-17 miles, with over 4000' of descent along the way, which is hard on the knees. There is also 1000' of uphill, and NO SERVICES. No phones, no water, no Starbucks. Make sure you bring everything you need to sustain you; especially water and food! If you do not feel comfortable with a strenuous ride of this length, consider one of the alternatives below.

    Shorter alternatives:

    1. The first one is basically sag support. Some ways before the end of the long Downieville Downhill, it comes out onto a road. If you're pooped when you get there, we can pick you up from town. I'm not sure the distance to this point from the top of the trail.
    2. Drive up to sag support spot, and ride the trail back into town. This is the easiest alternate ride. Again, distances TBA.
    3. Ride out from Downieville, go as far as you want, then turn around and head back. Most of the elevation is further up the trail, so this should not be a major uphill undertaking.

    For the shuttle riders, make sure you bring some lunch! We'll stop somewhere along the way. For people taking shorter rides, there are food places in town. After everyone is done with the ride, we will either stop at a restaurant or (if we're in a hurry) get something to eat along the drive. We will be back well after dark.

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