John Foss and the Gold Country Unicyclists Present the Eighth Annual

California Mountain Unicycle Weekend

October 17–19, 2003 Auburn, Fairfield, Downieville, CA

Registration Form

We need your address information to keep in touch with you, to let you know about other events that may be scheduled!

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Please fill out one registration form per rider (skip duplicate information among your group if same):



City: __________________________________________   State: __________   Zip:  

Phone: __________________________________   Email:          

Birth Date: _____________________    Unicycling Society of America member? Yes_________   No _________  

Name of guardian for participants under 18 yrs. of age: _______________________________________________


Registration including Saturday meal: $20.00           ______

Registration if you have to miss Saturday meal:____ $10.00           ____

MUni Weekend Collector’s T-shirt, limited supply. Sizes  ____ M  ____ L ____ XL          ______ @____ $20.00           ____

MUni Weekend Collector’s Sweatshirt, limited supply. Size: Large only                             ______ @____ $25.00           ____

Unicycling Society of America membership (optional, but you should be a member!) - Individual:____ $15.00           ____

Unicycling Society of America membership—Whole Family:____ $20.00           ____

Total  (please make checks payable to John Foss, address below):                    _______________                      

Please let us know which rides and events you plan to attend:

(   )  Friday Novice rides, Quarry and Stagecoach   OR   (   ) Friday Advanced rides, Clementine Loop, Manzanita, etc.

(   )  Saturday at Rockville; trails of all types   (   )  Saturday afternoon Games   (   )  Saturday dinner and videos

(   ) Sunday Downieville long from the top (shuttle)   OR   (   )  Sunday Downieville shorter ride from the bottom

In consideration of John Foss, Diana and Roger Miller, the Gold Country Unicyclists, Strategies to Empower People, the counties of Sacramento, Placer, Solano and Sierra counties, the state of California, and all other agents or representatives in any way connected with the California Mountain Unicycle Weekend on October 17–19, 2003 and allowing me to participate in the said event, I hereby waive, release and discharge forever said persons, organizations, corporations, and states from all claims, demands, rights, and causes of action of whatsoever kind and nature arising directly from any and all known, unknown, foreseen or unforeseen, bodily and personal injury, damage to property, and consequences thereof resulting from my participation in said California Mountain Unicycle Weekend. I assume all risks of injury or mishap resulting from my participation and covenant, not to sue the aforementioned parties for said injuries and/or damage. I am fully aware that I will be unicycling on unpaved roads and trails, and could potentially fall and sustain injuries or death.  I participate with the full awareness that I am doing all of this at my own risk. I also permit you to provide, furnish or engage emergency medical treatment to me or my said son or daughter. I give permission for the use of my name and/or picture in any broadcast, telecast or other account of this event.

Signature                                                                                         Date                                                           Signature of Parent or Guardian

John Foss, 4849 Hazelwood Ave. Carmichael, CA 95608

(916) 359-7876 eves.  (916) 669-1180 days

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