2003 California Mountain
Unicycle Weekend

October 17–19,  Fairfield, Auburn, Granite Bay, Downieville
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  • Friday Activities

    Rockville Hills Park. The park has a very wide variety of trails in about 700 acres. There will be plenty of fun for all skill levels. Games are also planned for the afternoon, with details to be announced.

    Start time:
    10:00 am, to get our weekend off to a more relaxed start.

    Getting there:
    Get directions and maps on the Maps page.

    The lot is small, and there isn't anyplace nearby that's legal to park. It may be necessary for us to stack up the cars, basically parking some cars in. No problem, as we should all be leaving at about the
    same time.

    About the park:
    There are a lot of short, different, interconnected trails in this 700+ acre park. Some are easy fire road, and a few are insane singletrack. All have hills, unless you stay real close to the lake, which you have to climb a hill to get to. Riders are welcome to explore on their own, but I plan to lead an organized group to specific areas of the park.

    Trail Page description of the park

    Morning ride:
    We will go up the main trail from the gate, and keep to the left at the top. From the park map, I believe the route we want is the Upper Tilley Trail, to the Manzanita Trail, which contains a great technical downhill. Then we will loop back toward the (Upper) lake and onto the Rock Gardens trail. This one has lots of fun rocks to play on. From there, we will loop around to one of two cave areas in the park. The one that's furthest from the park entrance is the more scenic, and both can be dangerous to climb into and out of, so use your judgment. They aren't really caves; just holes in the rock, with steep approaches.

    Because Rockville park is so small, we can go back to our cars and have a picnic lunch. There isn't much near the park in the way of restaurants, I recommend bringing your own, or stopping for something on the way there.

    Games and Quarry areas:
    After lunch, we can concentrate on the quarry areas of the park, which are north of the main entrance. The area between the Quarry and Upper Quarry Trails is where we will do our organized games. There is another quarry area up past the north gate. It's very scenic and interesting, but is covered with broken glass so I don't know if we'll use it for anything other than just passing through. Depending on the amount of time and volunteers we have, we will set up games on the rocky surfaces of the quarry. Possible games:

    • Uphill hopping contest
    • Possible non-uphill hopping contest(s), such as a hopping slalom
    • Riding between the lines, which I really liked in Moab
    • Whatever else we come up with

    Before we settled on Mark & Monica's for for our big group dinner, I was thinking of doing it at Mana Japanese, which is near my house. I would like to invite anyone who's interested to sample some of the best sushi (or "regular" Japanese cuisine) in Sacramento.

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