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    Bruce Bundy at the Confluence UphillMUni stands for Mountain Unicycling. It's also known as Rough Terrain Unicycling, All Terrain Unicycling, or even UMX. Like mountain biking, you don't need a mountain to do it. It's just the act of riding unicycles off road.

    Riders on the Stagecoach TrailMUni has been a revolution in the unicycling community, sparking a tremendous effort to build better, stronger unicycles. Some of this new technology has of course spread to other types of unicycles; good for everybody!

    There is just something satisfying about taking an inherently unstable vehicle like a unicycle, and riding it in places nobody thought it could go. The early years of MUni led to vast strides in the types of terrain that can be successfully ridden by unicycle. Certainly anyplace a bike can go, a unicycle can follow. And we can still turn sharper, and fit through narrower spaces than the bikes!

    This site is intended as an information point for the California Mountain Unicycle Weekends. You can read Brett Bymaster's (very old) MUni FAQ, or see a whole list of useful links that will help you find more information about MUni.

    What do you get when you cross a cow eating grass with a unicycle?
    Seat eating grass
    (I tried to tell Brett to catch the seat . . . )

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