Recumbent Unicycle

A recumbent bicycle is one on which you sit in a reclined position, for better comfort and aerodynamics. Applying this concept to a unicycle results in something that is definitely more comfortable to ride for long periods of time, and definitely much harder to steer!

Eric Kolb of Germany, showing off his recumbent unicycle at UNICON VIII in Guildford, England.. Several people tried this contraption, and the unprotected chain at the front took a lot of abuse. After a few dozen tries late one night, I was able to ride it across the gym, but I couldn't manage to turn around in there. Turning is difficult due to the weight distribution. The less you are lined up vertically, the harder it will be to turn. When asked how I was able to successfully ride it in less than 15 minutes, I said it was because I'd ridden one "in my head" 10 years ago. I'd always wondered what it would be like to ride a recumbent unicycle, but didn't get to try until then.

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