Special Bicycles

The unicycle was born from the bicycle. Here are some interesting examples of the two wheeled breed that spawned us.

The sport of Artistic Bicycling shares the Indoor Cycling World Championships with Cycleball. This is Luc Tremblay, who has competed in the past. He is seen here performing in Cirque du Soleil. It was in New York City in 1988, and this was the Nouvelle Experience show.

Cycleball! Called Radball in Germany, it's like soccer played on bicycles. All ball handling is done by the bikes (no hands), except when a defending player is in the goal. Photo at left was taken at the Indoor Cycling World Championships in Genk, Belgium in 1986. Jan and Jindrich Pospisil from Czechoslovakia battled with Germans Wenner and Jürgen King. Cycleball is a fantastic, fast-paced sport that's played by 2 person teams and is very exciting to watch. Look close and you'll see the ball about to just passing under Jürgen's hand!

Photo at right shows the Pospisil Brothers defending their title against West Germany at the 1982 World Championships in Wiesbaden, Germany. They had held the title every year from 1968 until then!

This is a Sociable Tandem from the turn of the century. The idea is that the two riders (presumably male and female) can have a nice conversation while riding. Yes, it really works, but it's aerodynamically lacking. This one was exquisitely restored, and on display at the antique bicycle show at Greenfield Village in Dearborn, Michigan in 1981.

 The Uni-Cyclone in 1970, nine years before he got into unicycling. That's my trusty Sears bicycle with the spaghetti handlebars. That sure was one cool bike.

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