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Why you might or might not want to live here

John's Rules of California Home Buying

I moved to the great state of California in 1994. California is famous for its frequent natural disasters. It makes one wonder why someone would want to live here? But 40 million people must have their reasons. After being here for a while, I realized that for the most part, California is my favorite place in the world. All you need is a little common sense when choosing a home, so I came up with these simple rules:

Don't buy a house if it is:

  • On a fault line (earthquakes)
  • On the edge of a cliff (mudslides)
  • At the bottom of a cliff or hill (see above)
  • On a flood plain (let the name be your hint)
  • Surrounded by trees (California is highly flammable)
  • That thinks it's worth more than it is (have you seen the prices?)

So how much of California is left over after eliminating all of the above? Believe it or not, about 99%!

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