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You've found the Trail Page!!  Below is a list of all the good mountain biking (and a few hiking) trails in the Sacramento Area.
There are also some Tahoe Trails included.

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Sacramento Area Mountain Biking Trails:

Salmon Falls Near Folsom and Eldorado Hills, very famous Trail. 
Sweetwater Right next to Salmon Falls, very technical, but short. 
Clementine Loop Near Folsom and Eldorado Hills, very famous Trail. 
Stagecoach Right beside the Clementine Loop, short but steep. 
Michigan Bluff A climbers paradise, over 5300 vertical feet of climbing! 
Olmstead Loop A good beginners trail, lots of fireroad. 
Elliots Crossing A beautiful ride along the Rubicon River.
Sly Park A really nice ride through heavy pine forest around Jenkinson Lake . 
Steven's Trail Its a wild ride!
Bald Mountain Tons of great trail. 
South Yuba Trail Awesome riding in the Nevada City Area. 
Forest Hill Divide Some cool single track above the Clementine Loop in Auburn
Hole in the Ground         A great high altitude ride in the Sierras near Donner Pass 
Rockville Hills Park          Submitted by Dale Nichols 

Tahoe Area Trails

Flume Trail One of the best trails in the country! 
Northstar at Tahoe Awesome ski slope open for mountain biking in the summer. 
Mr. Toad's Wild Ride    A wild technical downhill gnarly trail!  One of my favorites. 

SanFransisco Area Trails
Repack Trail                  Where mountain biking began.

LA Area Trails
  Echo Mountain Trail A good climb on tight single track in the San Gabriels. 
  Chantry Flats Trail        Great Single track with some cool technical sections in the San Gabriels. 

Hiking Trails

Dike 8                           I wish this was open for mountain biking!


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God and Mountain Biking.  Watch out, this could change your life (for the better, much better)!
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