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OK, so you've never heard of Mountain Unicycling before, and you just want to get the basics (you're probably trying to figure out whether or not this is for real).
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Here are some pictures of John Foss and I doing what we do best, MUniing, yes thats right Mountain Unicycling. We will MUni over anything!!
Caution: This page is really big and slow, and contains Tables.

This is the seat of my unicycle. John and I were racing in the grass, this is the aftermath. Guess who won. 
Here is Salmon Falls Trail in Folsom California, just to the east of Sacramento. The American River is to the left, and a sampling of the Sierra Nevada Foothills can be seen in the distance. 
Another view of Salmon Falls Trail. Thats me uniing up the hill. The first section of the trail is most difficult. You can't see from the picture, but it is very steep here. "Salmon Falls" is around the corner from here. 
This is the Clementine Loop Trail in Auburn California, also near Sacramento. This area is called the Auburn River Gorge or the Confluence since two branches of the American river join here. This particular trail is currently washed out. Hope they get it fixed soon! 
I earned the nickname "Bloodman" because of incidents like this. I refused to wear to knee pads while Mountain Unicycling for a long time. Eventually I was to the point where I spent all week heeling in preparation for the next round of injuries coming up on Saturday's ride. Now I wear knee pads, and don't bleed nearly as often! 
This is another picture of the Auburn River Gorge. This picture was taken off of Foothill bridge, a 750 foot tall bridge that spans the gorge. Plans are under way to dam the river upstream from this point, to make everything you see here a reservoir. Let's hope that doesn't happen, you'll have to swim a lot to get to those mountain unicycle trails! 
This picture was taken just after the California Mountain Unicycle Weekend. I am on the left and the legendary Mountain Unicyclist, George Peck is on the right. George can be attributed with inventing the sport of Mountain Unicycling. Although other people did it before him, he was the first person to truly develop MUniing as a sport. Thanks George! 
This is a neat part of StageCoach trail on the other side of the American River from the Confluence Trail shown above. Its nice and shady in there! Just be careful, I tried to ride through this once, not heading John's advice, almost knocked myself out on one of those low branches. Of course, I couldn't hit a little branch. No I practically hit a tree trunk! Ouch! 
This picture was taken at Northstar Ski Resort near Tahoe California in the Sierra Nevada Mountains. There obviously isn't any snow, this is during the summer. The ski slopes are open to Mountain Bikers during the summer, but they didn't expect unicyclists! We are sitting at about 7500 feet at this point. The base is around 6500 and the top is around 8500ft . Thats a long way to uni! 
This is John Foss trying not to fall off the edge on the Clementine Loop Trail in the Auburn River Gorge. This is my moment of fame with a picture that turned out decent! 
And finally, here I am cranking up the first hill of Salmon Falls Trail. Notice the knee pads, I'm getting smarter. Also check out the Camel Back, the black thing on my back. It holds 70 ounces of water, and has a tube to run around to your mouth. Very convenient for unicyclist since you don't have to get off to get to your water. Its especially nice for the hot Sacramento weather. I've ridden this trail when it was over 105 degrees, which means I spent a lot of time in the river! 
Thanks to John for taking all these pictures and scanning them, and thanks to me for taking that one picture of John (I took a picture that came out decent!!) There is a reason there are more pictures of me than John. I represent the antithesis of a good cameraman. So I let John take all the pictures (every 5 minutes, "Brett lets stop and take another picture")
Actually, to be perfectly correct this should be called "Johns MUni Page" since I just stole all these pictures off his page. Thanks John!!