Ice Castle

Ice Castle
Saranac Lake, NY, February 1987. This was the coldest day I've ever experienced, in the Lake Placid area of upstate New York. The high that day was -11 (-23 C). Greg Milstein and I were up there for a show, and had to stop on the way home when we saw this spectacular ice edifice. Scroll down for more!

Apparently the castle is part of Saranac Lake's annual Winter Carnival, and a different one is built each year The scale is not obvious from the picture, but you can walk through that front door and sit on an ice throne inside. It's about three stories high, each ice block is about two feet long, and probably weighs about a hundred pounds.

Taken by Greg Milstein
There was also an ice slide for the kiddies (like me, seriously underdressed for the weather). Standing up was dumb. Ever fall down on solid ice? But it was waaaay too cold to sit on! By the time we got back to the car, my hands were in serious pain from the cold.


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