2007 California Mountain
Unicycle Weekend

October 12-14 -- Santa Cruz, California
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  • Saturday, Oct. 13 - 9:00 am
    Soquel Demonstration Forest,
    Braille Trail

    What: Excellent ride. Long uphill (many will walk) with a gnarly single-track downhill. BRING YOUR LUNCH! There will not be a chance to purchase lunch between the ride and the trials comp, however, there is a small store on the Summit that *may* be open.

    When: 9:00am-1pm Muni ride

    Where: Soquel Demonstration Forest - Braille Trail

    Driving Directions: Overall, google maps (but, the ending is about a mile further than what it shows): Map

    From West Santa Cruz: Head south on Highway 1 (aka Mission St) and proceed north on Highway 17 towards San Jose.
    From East Santa Cruz/Aptos: Head north on Highway 1 and proceed north on Highway 17 towards San Jose.
    From San Jose: Head south on 17.

    Take the Summit Road exit—from Santa Cruz you will continue straight onto Summit. From San Jose, you will make a right turn to go over the freeway, and then make a left turn onto Summit Rd.

    Go approx. 4 miles on Summit—you will pass the "Summit Store" on your left.
    At the intersection of Summit and Soquel-San Jose Road (it departs on the right), Summit turns into Highland Way (there is NO stop sign for you).
    Continue on Highland Way for 2 more miles.
    At the first (and only) stop sign (the junction with Mount Bache), you will make a right followed by an immediate left to stay on Highland Way (this is tricky—stay on Highland!).
    Continue along the windy one lane road for about 4.3 miles total.
    NOTE: After about 3 miles, you will come to a "road closed" section—carefully drive past the road closed section and continue).
    Park on the road, or drive over the steel bridge and park in the large dirt parking lot.

    Picture of the steel bridge

    Ride Directions:

    Print this Trail Map, in case you get lost!

    Starting from the dirt parking lot, head out on the only fire road, "Hihn's Mill Road".
    After approx. 3 miles, there will be a sign and clear turn off to the left that proceeds slightly uphill.
    You will shortly pass a trail to the back and right—DO NOT turn back and to the right.
    After a short distance uphill, there will be a 90-degree right hand turn uphill on the "Sulphur Springs Trail". Attempt to ride it all the way up.
    At the top of the steepest section, there will be another sign for the "Ridge Trail" that connects to the Braille Trail. Turn here (to the right) and ride down.
    Shortly later, there will be a sign directing you to the right to the Braille Trail.
    At the end of the trail you will be on the fire road—"Hihn's Mill Road". Turn right, and head back uphill to the parking lot.

    After the ride take your lunch and head over to Corbin's house for the trials comp.


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