2007 California Mountain
Unicycle Weekend

October 12-14 -- Santa Cruz, California
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  • Friday, Oct. 12 - 1:00 pm
    Wilder Ranch: MUni

    What: Muni ride - approx. 5 miles fire road (Engleman's Loop), 2 miles single track (Old Cabin), and 1 mile extra (expert option).

    When: 1:00 pm – 5:00 (or whenever)

    Where: Wilder Ranch, Old Cabin Trail

    Driving Directions: Starting from the intersection of CA-1 and River St, ending at Wilder:


    Head north on Highway 1 (aka: "Mission St") going through Santa Cruz towards Davenport. Drive approximately 6 miles until you see the entrance to Wilder Ranch park, on the left. Right before the entrance, there will be a large dirt parking area on the left. This is the free parking. Parking inside costs $6, but you can easily park outside and ride your muni in - follow the entrance, and head left. We will meet in the parking lot by the bathrooms at 1pm.

    Ride Directions: This is an "out and back again" loop.

    • Starting from the bathrooms at the Wilder parking lot, we will follow a paved road on the left towards the actual Wilder ranch.
    • Turn left into Wilder ranch, continue straight under the highway, and enter into the park.
    • Continue straight with the corral to your right, and do not take the trail to the left
    • At the first fork, you will see a sign for the Englesman Loop Trail.
    • Continue right along the trail. Old Cabin trail is in 1.6 miles, and there are some steep hills ahead on the fire road.
    • At the next 4 way intersection, continue straight on the Wild Boar Trail for another 0.25 miles. (the Engleman loop continues to the left).
    • The Old Cabin Trail will be on your right, and has a clear sign. The trail is approx. 1 mile long of single track. Watch out for riders coming back, and give way to people riding downhill.
    • After you hit the end of the Old Cabin Trail, wait a little while, for it to be clear, and then ride back!
    • When you get to the start of the Old Cabin Trail, turn left to backtrack along Wild Boar Trail. * At the 4 way intersection, you have two choices:

    Expert option:

    • turn left onto the Long Meadow Trail.
    • A short time later, you will see a single track trail heading straight ahead. Follow it.
    • At the unmarked fork, turn left and head on a slight uphill. Stay on the trail and follow it to the river bed.
    • Right past the river bed is the bottom of "mailboxes". Hike on up to the top, and ride it back down! It is very challenging. Be cautious for mountain bikers -- they come flying down this hill! Also, please be kind to them and share the trail.
    • When you tired, turn around and ride back to the 4 way intersection

    Beginner option:

    • Continue back to the cars on the Englesman Loop Trail by heading to the right (if you didn't go to Mailboxes) or straight (if you did go to mailboxes).

    Enjoy your views :)


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