Lloyd Johnson and his dog PearlSunday Maps and Directions
Lloyd's, and the Cottonwood Restaurant, Sept. 19

Our base for Sunday is the home of Lloyd Johnson and family. Lloyd's Trail is down the road, and our competitions will be held in the yard and driveway.

Directions to Lloyd's:
The Johnson house is just off I-80 in Truckee. From either direction on I-80, go to exit 188. From the west, there will be 188a and 188b. They are both about the same, but the second one is slightly shorter. The exit is Highway 267 and 89 North. Do not exit on 89 South, which is on the other side of town. Anyway, turn North at the end of the exit ramp. That's a left if you're coming from the west, and a right if you're coming from Reno. Go less than 1/2 mile north. The first street on your right is Prosser Dam Road. There is a big green sign labeled Prosser Creek Dam. also. Turn right on Prosser Dam Road, and go 1.8 miles. The address is 12545. it is a few youses past a side street on your right. The mailbox has blue glass in it. You're there!

Like most homes, Lloyd's does not have a parking lot. I also don't think there is room for street parking out front. After a certain number of cars has been reached, additional cars will have to park a little ways down the road. Someone will direct you.

If you get lost, call the Johnson's at (530) 587-4728.


Lloyds: Pretty simple!

Cottonwood Restaurant:
This is our food and awards location for Sunday evening. It's a simple ride into town from Lloyd's house. From the driveway, turn left. At the end of Prosser Dam Road, left onto 89/267. Then make your first right, onto Donner Pass Rd. (old 267). Go one mile to the first stop sign at Bridge Street, and turn left over the RR tracks. After 1/4 mile, at the crest of a hill, turn right onto "Old Brockway" (there is a lit Cottonwood sign). Follow signs to the restaurant, which overlooks the road and downtown Truckee.

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