Overlooking the Washoe Valley, NVCabin Maps and Directions
Northstar and Truckee, CA

Please Read All:
There are two cabins. Cabin #1 was rented by John Foss, and is located in the Northstar property. Cabin #2 was rented by Scot Cooper, and is very close to downtown Truckee. The total cost for the two cabins is approximately $2400. We will divide this by the people staying there, with a lower rate for the people sleeping on the floor. The exact total will be unknown probably until you arrive, but we have at least eighteen guests in beds, and three on the floor. So you can figure roughly $120 per person, except floor sleepers, at about $62 each. If more people are added, it will bring the cost down.

Bear Country:
The rental company would like us all to know that black bears live in the area. Bears are not dangerous to us, but we are potentially very dangerous to them. If bears eat our food and make it a habit, this will almost always lead to their being destroyed. It is our duty to make sure there is no food or trash outside that will attract bears. Please follow the instructions that will be provided for all cabin guests.

Fire Danger:
Conditions are ripe for fires in the area. No smoking, no fires outside, and watch for any activity that might make sparks (you grinders)! It hasn't rained in months, so when you get here you'll see why California catches fire so easily.

Which cabin to stay in?
I think we're going to wing that. I plan to arrive in Truckee around 6:00 pm on Thursday. Scot may get there first. Try Cabin #1 if it's after 6:00, otherwise try #2.

Cabin #1 Directions:
Go to Northstar. That is, exit I-80 at exit 188 (188b if approaching from the west). Take 267 south, about 8 miles to Northstar. Big signs at the entrance. Northstar is like a small town of its own, and even has a gas station. Turn right on Northstar Drive. After the gas station, turn right on Basque Drive. Watch for their funny vertical street signs. Follow Basque past Skidder Trail and Lodgepole, and then turn left on Wolftree. 502 Wolftree is a few houses up on the right hand side.

Cabin #1 at Northstar

Cabin #2 Directions:
From the West: From I-80, take exit 188a and turn right. This is Donner Pass Road and will take you down into town.

From the East: From I-80, take exit 188 and turn right. Make your first left onto Donner Pass Road. This will take you back under the freeway, then down into town.

In town, turn left at the stop sign (blinking light?) and cross the RR tracks. Follow the road about 1/2 mile to Palisades Dr. and turn right. Follow Palisades maybe 1/4 mile to Torrey Pine Rd. and turn left. Go to 10770 Torrey Pine Rd. I believe this will be on your left, just before Alpine Fir. I haven't actually been there yet.

Cabin #2 is near the Cottonwood Restaurant and downtown Truckee.

If you get lost:
Try my cell: (916) 257-2662, or Nathan Hoover's: (408) 375-2640. Scot Cooper doesn't have a cell phone.

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