Sunday Maps and Directions
Downieville, Oct. 19

Directions to Downieville:
It's a long haul, so we have to leave early. 6:45 from the Foss house. Drive time is 2.5–3 hours. I-80 East to Auburn. Exit on Highway 49, and turn left at the light to follow 49 north. After about 25 miles you will pass through Grass Valley and into Nevada City. Keep your eyes peeled in Nevada City for 49 to make a left turn off the road you're on. Make sure you stay on 49 after Nevada City! Continue for another 40 miles or so of windy 2-lane road. Try not to get car sick. Eventually you will reach Downieville! Both of the shuttle companies are located on Main Street, which is also 49.

If you get lost, best bet may be to call one of the shuttle companies. They know the way better than us!

Downieville: Directions are simple, but the ride is long. Don't miss the left turn in Nevada City!

The top of the trail, at Packer Saddle, is somewhere off the right-hand edge of the map, at the top. Anyone driving up there will be able to get directions from the shuttle companies. Trail maps will be provided in Downieville.

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