Saturday Maps and Directions
Auburn, Granite Bay, Oct. 18

Directions to Auburn:
I-80 East to Auburn. Drive time is about 45 min. from the Foss house, and 30 min. from the Hooten/Riegel houses. In Auburn, exit at Elm Avenue. This exit ramp turns you around 180 degrees, so when you turn *left* on Elm you are heading southeast from the freeway. Follow Elm down the hill and turn left at the next light, which is labeled High Street and is also Highway 49 (don't take the 49 exit off 80, Elm is easier). Keep right at the immediate split in the road. Stay straight at the next traffic light, which is Lincoln Way. After passing this light, you're heading down into the canyon. Follow the road to the bottom. At the bottom, Highway 49 will make a right turn across a bridge. Continue straight, and park anywhere along the next 1/2 mile of road. About 1/4 mile after the 49 bridge, there is another bridge over the river. Our meeting spot is just before this bridge. It's the entrance to the Stagecoach trail. There is a gate, an outhouse, and a small dirt area marked No Parking. Don't park right there; plenty of parking around it.

Alternate route to Auburn from Granite Bay is up Auburn Folsom Road. See below.

If you get lost you can try my cell: (916) 747-5861.

Auburn: The yellow path on this map is the way you go if you come up I-80.
To get to Granite Bay, we will follow the purple path down Auburn Folsom Road.

From you can now get aerial photos of some of the same areas you can map. The one below shows the Confluence area. Highway 49 comes in from the bottom left, and crosses the first bridge. Stay straight, and park near the area marked. The Stagecoach Trail is above and to the left of the parking area. At the top of the picture is the 750' high Foresthill Bridge. The shadow gives some indication of the height. The Clementine Loop Trail passes under that bridge, unless you opt to shuttle to the top and skip the climb.

Directions to Granite Bay:
In the afternoon we will ride at the Granite Bay area of Folsom Lake. The shortest route from Auburn is to follow Auburn Folsom Road. From the Confluence, drive back up Highway 49 to the top. Stay on 49 past Elm Ave. A few blocks past Elm, the road will split. Stay to the left, which will be High Street. Continue on High Street to the traffic light at Auburn Folsom Road. Turn left, and follow the winding Auburn Folsom Road for a whole bunch of miles. More than ten. Eventually you will come to Douglas Blvd., which is 5 lanes wide. You can't miss it after all that country! Turn left on Douglas, and follow it to the end, which is the entrance to the park. There is a fee both. Pay the fee, or be cheap and park outside the park (you're on your own there). After the fee booth, go to the stop sign and turn right. Make the next right after that, heading sort of back toward the fee booth. Follow this road to the end, which will bring you to a parking lot. This lot has a long, straight boat ramp that goes way down to the water. Park in a marked parking spot. If you find yourself in a huge, multi acre lot (see photo), it's the wrong one. You want the smaller lot to the south.

Granite Bay: Lake level will be higher than shown (it's a reservoir).
From the parking area, follow the trail, staying toward the lake, until you start seeing cool rocks to play on!
The best ones seem to be in the area marked on the map.

Directions to Mark & Monica's:
Very close by! Exit the park, which puts you back on Douglas. The second traffic light is Auburn Folsom Road. Left on Auburn Folsom, and it's just a few driveways down on the left side. The address is 8705 Auburn Folsom Road, but they're back a bit from the road. Look for "Granite Bay Village" or similar sign near the road. Mark & Monica's has a big sign, but back from the road. You can actually get to it from Douglas, by turning into the parking lots behind the stores, before getting to Auburn Folsom. Just drive around the parking lots until you find it!

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