Friday Maps and Directions
Rockville Hills Park, Fairfield, CA, Oct. 17

Rockville Hills Park is about 50 miles southwest of John's house, down Interstate 80. From wherever you are, get on I-80 and head west from the Sacramento area. You will exit in Fairfield, at Rockville Road (previous exit is Travis Blvd.). Split right at first traffic light to be on Rockville Road. Stay on Rockville road through red blinking 4-way stop, and traffic light at Suisin Valley Rd. Just under a mile past that light, look for a small, fenced parking lot on your left. This is the main entrance, and where we will park. Under normal conditions, this is about a 1 hour drive from John's house. Friday morning may take a little longer. Allow 1.5 hours from Granite Bay.

If you are coming from the Bay area, exit I-80 at Suisun Valley Road. Follow this north, and turn left at traffic light onto Rockville Road. See above for the rest.

If you get lost you can try my cell: (916) 747-5861.

The lot is small, and there aren't any nearby legal places to park. It may be necessary for us to stack up the cars, basically parking some cars in. No problem, as we should all be leaving at about the same time.

From you can now get aerial photos of some of the same areas you can map. The one below shows Rockville Road, a little past the parking lot, and the Quarry area where we will do Friday afternoon games. You can see how the trails are all over the place. What you can't see is the altitude change between the road and the bottom left area of the picture!

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