Repack Trail

Technical Level:    Beginner
Strenuous Level:   Intermediate Plus
Altitude Gain:       Over 1000 feet
The Ride:             2.5 miles one way, 5 miles total
Where:                 Fairfax, 30 miles North of the Golden Gate Bridge
When:                  All year

To get There:

 Map marking Trail Head

From the Golden Gate Bridge:  Take 101 North to the exit for San Anselmo which is Sir Francis Drake Rd.  Head West on Sir Francis Drake Rd through several small towns and about two hundred stop lights.  After cussing cars, small roads, and stop lights, you'll realize that you haven't really gone very far and notice that your average speed was less than your last road bike ride.  You'll arrive in the small town of Fairfax, where you want to get onto Bolinas Rd.  This is somewhat tricky since Bolinas road gets really close to crossing Sir Francis Drake Rd, but never actually crosses it.  You can turn left at the the "Fairfax" sign right after the IGS gas station, and then immediately turn right on Broadway and then quickly turn left again Bolinas.  There are a lot of shops and gas stations in the area, so if you have trouble ask for directions.  Take Bolinas a few miles to Cascade Rd (which winds through a small subdivision).  Take Cascade until it dead ends into a small park (I think its called Elliot Park, but I'm not sure).  Find someplace to park along the road, but follow the signs by not parking on the pavement and don't block anyone's driveway. Break out that dirt eating monster of a bike and get ready to climb (but don't scare the local kids).

The Ride

Cascade road dead ends into a park.  The best way that I found to get to the trail head unfortunately involves a no bikes trail.  But it's only a quarter mile long, so please WALK your bike on this trail.  Go around the gate marking the entrance to the park.  Bear right onto the first trail marked "No Bikes" (which is before the little creek).  Take this trail to a little bridge on the left.  Just over the bridge the trial splits.  Take the left fork which is well defined fire road.  Start the climb.

The Trail

The trail is pretty steep, but it's not very technical.  I had heard that the trail was in awful shape, but that was not the case at all.  It looked like a bulldozer had been through recently, so the trail was in great shape.  Its 2.5 miles of very steep fire road.  Its a great climb!


Mountain Biking was born on Repack Trail!  In the mid-70's people started racing old coaster brake klunkers down the trail.  It got its nickname because the trail was so steep that they had to re-pack their rear braking hub after races.  As far as trails go, its probably not the greatest.  Its just a really steep fireroad, but when you ride it, try and imagine a bunch of klunkers with balloon tires flying down the trail.  I was probably the first person to Mountain Unicycle this trail so now Repack has experienced the newest form of mountain cycling.

The Historic Repack Mountain Unicycle Ride!!

History of Repack
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