Random Pictures

Following are some random pictures that didn't really fit anywhere, but I wanted to stick them in.  Have fun, but watch out, this will take a while to load.

 Click here for more random pics (some really cool ones!)

This is Tom Miller's Killer Uni.  He calls it the Jinsu (sp??) Unicycle.  Check out the blades.  Those are for real.  He picked up the butcher knives and other deathly paraphanalia and stuck them on this 8 footer.  Mounting it was fun!

Tom's Killer Uni

This is a picture of Leah Bymaster (my little siss), John Foss and Me on Christmas day in Sacramento.  Notice the short sleeves.  It was in the 60's that day!  We went mountain biking on Christmas Eve in shorts and T-Shirts.  I Love California!

Leah, John, me

Here is a picture of me sporting my "Bloodman" Shirt on a really small bike.  Yikes, that hurt to ride!

Little Bike

This is John Foss and I going at it.  Our favorite Unicycle past time (besides Muni)...Sumo wrestling.  The first person to get knocked off loses, and there aren't any other rules.  Pretty wild.  


This is Sarah White on my shoulders at the annual CMC (my campus church) Spring break at the Smokey Mountain Christian Camp in Coker Creek Tennesse.  Man, she's brave!


This is a picture from the same trip after we got back from caving.  We were in a really ritzy neighborhood completely covered in mud and muck (from doing an awesome crawl in the cave).  Hmmm, who didn't fit in in this picture?  The sign said something to the effect of "This Area Closed...Please excuse our mess".  Well, I'd say we were a mess.

Smokey Caving

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