Technical Level:    Everything
Strenuous Level:    Its all down!
Altitude Gain:         Again, its all down
The Ride:              Lots of options
Where:                 Near Truckee
When:                  Summer only

Map Marking Northstar Ski Resort

Caution:  This is just a big fat huge plug for Northstar, and I'm not even getting paid...but if a Northstar person reads this, I except free lift tickets in return for an even better plug!


For the real info on Northstar, see their web page:  Northstar-at-Tahoe

Northstar has some great mountain biking!!  You put your bike on the ski lift and then ride down the mountain.  The real people (very PC huh?) will skip the lift and just ride up.  Its a 2600 ft climb, I've done it on a unicycle so you can definitely do it on a bike!  There are usually two lifts open, but I encourage you to ride up from the second lift to the peak.  Its pretty steep at the end but its a cool view.  There is riding here for everyone, from easy fireroad to nasty single track.  Ticket prices were around $20 bucks this year, so its not too bad.  This ride is a must for all you serious riders!

The picture of me on the top of trail listing page was taken at Northstar.  Pictures.

Trail Details

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