Hi.  I'm glad you're reading this right now.  This could be the most important thing you've ever done.  There is one and only one reason why I get out of bed every morning, I go to work or school, and one reason why I can say my life is complete.  Jesus Christ.  That's it, that all, that's what you need.  Not to say that all you're problems will be solved by meeting your creator, but you're problems get a lot smaller when you now that the supreme being is on you're side, pulling strings.  Prayer works, I've lost count how many times it's worked in my life, and it will work in yours too.  I'm no expert on Christianity, so I'll point you to the sources below.

If you are new to this whole Christian thing, please find a church near you to discuss what it means to be a Christian.  Check out the Church Locator.

Also, here are some of my comments on selecting a church.
 International Christain Cycling Web Page -- A must see!

 Recovering from sexual addiction, A Christ Centered group
 Emailed Devotionals
 Great Page, covers about everything, a must see!