Pashley Review

I have a Pashley that is about 9 months old with about 1000 very abusive miles on it.  Before going over a really picky review, I would like to say that although the cycle is not perfect, it is a good deal for the price and we (the unicycling community) are grateful that someone is finally producing a true mountain unicycle.

Pashley Stats:
Wheel Size 26" 
Crank Length 152mm, 6.0"
Frame Steal
Bearing Size 35mm od 17mm id
Number of Spokes  36
Spoke Type 2.32 Stainless Steel
Axle Susue (Miyata Axle)
Rim  ?
Pedal Large Platforms w/grip
Seat Post Diameter 1 inch
Tire ?
Water bottle cage attachment
Price in US $250
Pashley Positives:

Pashley Negatives: Please email me with your comments on the Pashley.  If you have improved the cycle in some way, let me know!  If you have a failure of any type, definitely let me know.  I want to get a better idea of the areas that need improvement most.


This is my Pashley.  I have replaced the following components:
Notice the frame clearance for the wheel.  This allows a big knobby and lots of mud.  The frame is pretty solid and well designed.
Crupi Bear Claw pedals, and aluminum cranks.  Notice the 2.32 diameter stainless steal spokes, very nice.  Susue axle, which is used on the Miyata.  These are the best axles that are commercially available, but they are still awful.  This is probably the weakest piece of the unicycle.  We need a 1" splined axle with matching splined cranks for BMX bikes.
36 spokes.  Notice the unique washers on the bearing holder bolts (there are 4 bearing holder bolts).  The washers are shaped to fit the frame on one side and flat on the other to get maximum surface for the bolts.  The flat bolts on the round frame can cause high stresses on the frame which could cause cracking in the frame.
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