FATRAC The Sacramento Area Mountain Biking Club.  This is a must see!
Gorp on Tahoe This is an awesome web page! It has a ton of trails for hiking and Mountain Biking in Tahoe (and just about everywhere else).
Saccycle A Page with a LOT of good links
Bike Hikers Sacramento Roadies
Wheelmen More Sac Roadies
SASS This is an AWESOME all women's mountain biking club!
Western States 100 Trail info on the Western States 100 Trail
Western States Running Info on the Western States 100 mile ultra-marathon
Tevis Cup Western States 100 Horse Race
ICCC International Christian Cyclists Web page, another good one!
Trail Listing Good listing, especially for Bay Area
Moad Trails Some trails at the Mountain Biking Mecca, Moab
Poison Oak Info
IMBA The International Mountain Biking Club
AngrY's mountain bike world A listing of a few trails in Sacramento

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