Hole in the Ground Trail

Technical Level: Intermediate
Strenuous Level:  Intermediate
Altitude Gain: 6500ft. to 8000ft.
The Ride: ??
Where:  Soda Springs off of I-80
When: Very Late Summer

To get There:

  Map Marking Trail Head
From Sacramento:  Take I-80 East towards Reno.  Exit Left at the Soda Springs exit.  Turn left, cross the interstate, and take an immediate right.  Park just beyond the Firestation on the left.  There is a sign there with a map of the trail on it.

The Ride

I need someone's help on this one!  I couldn't find the trail, so if anybody has good directions for this trail, please email me with them so I can post them.  Here's at least the start of the trail.

Take the single track from the trail head (which is called "Lola Montez Trail Head").  In about 1/4 mile, the trail hits fireroad.  Turn right onto the fireroad.  You will have to cross a creek with no bridge (I had to wet-foot it).  After about a mile and a half on the fireroad, there is a sign pointing to Lola Montez Lake Trail Head.  Apparently most people go the opposite direction, so the sign points the way you just came from.  Turn right here (which is backwards from the direction the sign points).  This climbs like crazy for a half mile, with lots of technical riding.  The trail T's into another fireroad.  Turn right.  Take this fireroad a few more miles until you come to the "Hole in the Ground" trail sign.  I think Hole in the ground is the grassy area on your right.  This is pretty awesome stuff!  Follow the sign to Lola Montez Lake for a swim.  To continue the ride, turn right at the sign.  This takes you on some enjoyable single track.  This is where I started hitting snow.  I rode this in mid July, and the trail was annoyingly covered in snow for many sections.  This trail T's into another fireroad.  I think you should turn left, and then take a right a little ways down.  But I just don't know.  The trail was covered in too much snow to follow, and some people who knew the trail well told me they were getting lost 'cause of the snow.  So I turned around and took another swim.

The standard way to do this trail is make it a loop in the opposite direction described above.  The directions I got were something like this:  Park by the firestation, then ride back across the interstate, and then turn left, crossing back across the interstate as soon as you can.  The road, Y's, turn right, and follow the fireroad.  That's all I know.

The Trail

The trail is way cool!  FATRAC has done a lot of work on it, and at least the part I rode was great.  Its a mix of fireroad on single track.  Lola Montez Lake is one of the best swimming lakes I've seen.  It's tucked in between big granite peaks, absolutely beautiful.  In mid July, it was pretty warm, at a perfect temperature for cool'in off.  The lake is about 3.5 miles from I-80, so it makes a nice hiking destination as well.

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