The Historic Repack Ride

Following are some pictures from what we called "The Historic Repack Ride".  We got a bunch of unicyclists together and rode down Repack Trail.  Repack has been in the media a lot lately because it is so historic (mountain biking was invented there).  In a lot of ways, mountain unicycling is at the same point mountain biking was 20 years ago.  No one expects Muniing to take off like mountain biking has, but I think in the next 10 years, we will see a lot of growth.  Some good indicators are a range of mountain unicycles available.  From Roger Davies Carbon Uni to The Telford to the DMATU to the Pashley cycle, we have a lot to choose from.

Check out these pictures!  All photos by John Foss.

Here is the Repack group.  From left to right Brett Bymaster (me) Woody Hooten, John Hooten, John Foss, Nathan Hoover, Tim Bustos, Geoff Faraghan
Everyone riding down!
 More Photos of the repack ride