Forest Hill Divide Trail

Technical Level: Beginner plus
Strenuous Level:  Intermediate
Altitude Gain: Lots of up and down
The Ride: 11 mile single track loop
Where:  Auburn/Foresthill
When: All year

To get There:

 Map Marking Trail Head (Click on More Detail for a better map)

From Sacramento:  Take Highway 80 East towards Auburn.  Get off on Foresthill Divide Road and head East.  Stay on Forest Hill Divide Road for 5-10 miles.  There is a large parking area on the left across form Driver's Flat Rd, which is a mile or so past Upper Clementine Lake Road.

The Ride:

The trail head is in the parking lot described above.  This the furthest point of the loop from Auburn, so everything is Southwest from this point.  Go into the little trail head in the parking lot and hang an immediate left.  The trail will head back towards Auburn, cross Foresthill Rd, and eventually come out on Driver's Flat Rd.
The trail isn't marked as well as it could be, so you might want to pick up a map at your local bike store.  Some FATRAC people have put together an excellent map of the Auburn area.  Its only $8, and is available all over the place (I got mine at Bicycles Plus in Folsom across from the Rainbow Bridge).
I won't try to give turn by turn directions here, because there's lots of turns, and I can't remember them all.  In general, remember that the trail is a loop around Forest Hill Road.  If you don't have a map and your not familiar with the area, be careful 'cause its easy to get a little turned around.

The Trail:

Thanks to FATRAC this totally AWESOME trail has been built.  I helped a little building it, but not nearly as much as some people.  There were a few dedicated FATRAC individuals that put something like 20hours/week into the trail for several months.  Thanks, we owe you!  The trail isn't incredibly technical yet, but it will get so with time.  The trail is really fast.  I suspect that a good cyclist could do it in less than 45 minutes.  The trail doesn't have any huge climbs, but roles a bunch.  Its a pretty good workout.
Watch out, this trail is heavily used by hikers and horse riders.  The horses are quickly ripping up the trail (much more quickly than the cyclists, I might add).  The trail is fast, so keep in mind that kids are out there hiking it while you're barreling down a hill way too quickly.  Don't want to make your front suspension one with a 5 year old kid.  I think that'd be scaring.

Trail Details:


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