Echo Mountain

Technical Level: Beginner Plus
Strenuous Level:  Intermediate Plus
Altitude Gain: Several Thousand Feet
The Ride: Just about any length
Where:  LA Area -- near Altadena
When: All year

To get There:

 Map Marking Trail Head (Click on More Detail for a better map)

Take 210 to Lake Av.  Head North on Lake Ave until the road ends.  There is a small park on the right at the end of Lake Ave.  The trail head starts on the South side of this little park a few hundred yards from the entrance of the park.  There is a sign marking the start of the trail head.  There are several trails and fire roads cutting through the area, so look for the sign.

The Ride:

This is an easy trail to follow.  There aren't really any turns or places to get lost.  It is about 3 miles up to Echo Mountain.  I haven't been quite all the up to Echo Mountain, but I've been most of the way up.  This trail connects up with Mt Wilson road (so the signs say).  I think it is less than 10 miles from the trail head to Mt Wilson Rd.

This area has some great history!.  Check out  The Echo Mountain Echoes Page for more details.

The Trail:

Yikes, its a steep trail!  Its not really technical, but its a big climb!  I think its several thousand feet in only a few miles. But the view at the top is worth it!  On a clear day you can see pretty much all of LA and the ocean.  The trail is tight single track all the way up.  They are doing some trail work (which is causing a lot of local debate) so the bottom is in great shape, but as you go up it gets worse.  Much of the trail is grown over with lots of yukky plants towards the top.

Trail Details:

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