The Disclaimer Page

The abbreviated version:

I'm not responsible for anything you do that can be connected with this web page.

The unabbreviated version:
The trail directions may be incorrect, I take no responsibilities for the accuracy of any information provided by me or anyone else on this page.
Take your own maps and consult a second source if you want accuracy of trail information.
The maps provided by Maps on Us are not guaranteed to be accurate and neither them or I take responsibility for those maps
You and no one else are responsibility for yourself, so if you get hurt or lost, suck it up and don't blame it on me.
You can get dead pretty easily while mountain biking.  Take it easy, and don't get hurt!  But if you do I don't take responsibility for it.
The people who submit trail updates don't take any responsibility for what they say and neither do I!

But if you have a suggestion, let me know.

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