God and Mountain Biking

This site is about Mountain Biking, but that's not what I'm about, so this page is sorely needed.  I am a pretty hard core Mountain Biker, to the point that I once contemplated skipping church for a Sunday morning ride.  Yikes, talking about getting your priorities wrong!  I quickly kicked myself for just thinking about that, but decided that I needed re-prioritize, and make sure God was above work, school, personal life, and definitely my hobbies.  So I prayed (good idea huh).  And this is what I came up with:

The Bike Bag Bible

Yep, it's as simple as that -- the bike bag Bible.  I bought a really small NIV Bible and stuffed it the old bike bag.  I always do a devotional on my rides.  I ride alone a lot (which isn't real smart) and so I get lots of time to pray.  I've found that Mountain Biking has actually brought me closer to God.  Pretty cool, something that could have taken me away has gotten me closer.  That's the power of prayer.  Anyway, I encourage you to try the Bike Bag Bible out.  Make your rides a religious experience.  Make you're friends rides religious experiences too.
One nice thing about devotional during Mountain Biking is the view.  It's hard to ignore God as the ultimate creator when you're at some of the incredible vistas around here.  Some of my best prayer times have been on the Flume Trail on Lake Tahoe.  Just imagine, you're 1000 feet above Lake Tahoe, and only 1/2 mile from the Lake.  You can see the whole Lake and the incredible vista of Mountains behind the Lake.  You just have to say, God you're the best.  I think God is giving us a tiny glimpse of Heaven through nature.  Just think, Heaven is going to be 1000 times better!! WOW.  Another good devotional was on the Rubicon River.  It is a crystal clear mountain stream with beautiful white rocks.  I got a little spooked because I was alone and hadn't seen a single soul for 3 hours (like what if I broke my leg, I had no way out).  I climbed down to the river whipped out the old Bike Bag Bible and went to town.  God just said, "Don't worry, I get you out fine".  It was a cool feeling knowing that God was there for me.  I of course got out fine, but I'll think twice before ride it alone again.

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